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Health Coaching

Nearly all people would like to reduce the amount and intensity of stress in their daily lives. In recent 

years, researchers have identified stress as a major component of lifestyle that has strong impact on 

health and recovery from disease. 


At Northwoods IV Hydration & Wellness, our team of Professional Holistic Healthcare practitioners and 

Health and wellness coaches are able to develop an individualized plan that will maximize the client’s 

potential to manage the stresses that ultimately effect every aspect of one’s life. 

Suite of Services 

  • Mindfulness-Consciously bringing awareness to your thoughts and    feelings without making judgements about them, by observing what is happening right now, in your body, mind, and the world around us. 

  • Lifestyle Triggers- Taking a closer look at your habits and techniques in making positive changes. 

  • Relationships- People who are mindful enjoy more satisfying relationships and are less troubled by relationship conflict. 

  • Quality over Quantity- Doing Less, Enjoying More. 

  • Crisis- Navigating through unexpected change. 

  • Breathe your way to serenity- A simple breathing technique to claim your nervous system at home, work or anywhere you need a few moments of serenity. 

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